About Us

Intelligence Construction Management Co., Ltd. (ICM) was incepted from the company founders’ confidence in their deep understanding of customers’ problems, needs, and wants. This mastery is a result of their long-standing experience in developing multiple prominent properties over the course of more than two decades.

Incorporating some of the most advanced innovations and technologies available, ICM aspires to provide a comprehensive range of professional services that not only meets, but exceeds, the expectations of its customers. Its portfolio includes project management, project consultancy, and construction supervision – all fully accountable and trustworthy to ensure customers satisfaction. ICM’s excellence is guaranteed by the success of more than 20 property development projects so far, including condominiums, high-end detached homes, hotels, and office buildings. The vision of the management team combined with the proven experience and expertise of our operation teams further ensure that ICM will always deliver high-quality service and create an experience of excellence for each and every one of our proud project-owner clients.


ICM’s ultimate goal is quality. We aim to create total customer satisfaction through excellence in everything we do. All members of our organization possess a mindset for success. We primarily focus on executing each step of a given project with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our operation is based on best practices and research-based knowledge.

Another key element behind the quality of our work is a sense of ownership which is on the mind of every member of our organization. We work collectively as one towards the same goal to ensure mutually-rewarding, long-lasting success.


“ We strive to be a leading construction quality management
provider with a comprehensive range of services. ”

Our Mission

1. To provide quality service based on a clear understanding of customers’ needs from the launch of a project to construction supervision to on-time delivery of a project that meets established standards.

2. To incorporate innovations into our operations to improve efficiency for the the most benefit to all parties concerned.

3. To continuously enhance our employee’s capabilities as a means to ensure greater customer satisfaction through superior, more efficient service.

4. To ensure that the expenses of each project are in accordance with its budget, taking maximum advantage of value engineering.